Power BI workshops

over 1000 satisfied customers

Face-to-face and on-line workshops (MS Teams, Zoom, LearnCube)

2 intensive, practice-oriented days, a certificate of completion and Power BI booklet provided

A lot of DAX, M and ETL exercises – data preparation, both Fundamentals & Advanced level

We can hold the course in your office building

In Short – About Power BI workshops

power bi workshops

Power BI workshops for companies

In Antdata we run practice-oriented Power BI courses as face-to-face workshops in cutomer’s office, as well as “virtual classroom” on-line training.

power bi training certificate antdata

Power BI training – certificate

After a 2-day intensive course (basic or advanced), each participant gets a certificate of completion.


  • Two days for each level (16h)
  • Maximum number of participants: 15
  • Prace-oriented case study (M, DAX)
  • Price (15 people) – starts from 2100€ net

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We have trained over 1000 individuals, 98,6% of them gave us a positive rating in a post-training anonymous survey. More about the training at www.powerbicourse.com

Below the major points covered during Power BI Fundamentals course:

  • Preparation of Power BI data model and getting data from different sources
  • Running complex data transformation processes. Understanding ETL process with M language
  • Development of data objects (measures, calculated columns) with DAX formulas
  • Using Advanced Editor (M language) and complex functions for merging and appending queries.
  • Working with Time Intelligence formulas
  • Creating interactive visual elements -charts, maps (including geo-localization data), and tables. Using build-in Power BI elements, as well as additional ones from Microsoft Marketplace
  • Development of professional and astonishing Power BI reports
  • Working in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service (cloud).
  • Solving the most common problems with data processing which are included into pre-prepared case study data set

How to book a Power BI workshop?

Additional info

The workshops are led by professionals with Power BI implementation background. It is designed to touch various aspect of data processing and report preparation.

Your company may organize a face-to-face workshop , as well as the on-line training. The on-line version is held in a Virtual Classroom mode, each participant is obliged to have his or her own PC or laptop.
During the course the trainer introduce users to Power BI Desktop version of the tool (the one prepared for developers, explains the way it works and teaches how to prepare data objects, charts and reports. All of that is based on a business-oriented case study, packed with practical exercises.

If you have any questions during the course, or need the additional explanation, please feel free to ask questions, all the concerns are clarified by the trainer “on a fly”. What is more, the scope of the workshops may be adjusted to the needs of the customer.

It is worth to mention, that Antdata provides a 30-day post-training support for the graduates (limited to the scope of the training). If anything discussed during the training remains foggy, you are allowed to write an email asking for clarification.

The price of the workshop depends on the way it is held (f2f vs on-line) and language chosen. More information (including full scope of the training) can be found there: www.powerbicourse.com

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