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Case study: Power Apps

Road events damage quotation app

One of our clients, an insurance company, needed a mobile app for their field claim investigators to report on-road incidents.

The app that we created allows users to fill in several forms, e.g., incident description, personal data, or detailed vehicles information. Security of the collected data is guaranteed by Microsoft. The solution implemented using the Power Apps platform is accessible from any mobile device operating on Android, iOS, or Windows.

The most innovative function of this app is the possibility to mark a vehicle’s damage on a car blueprint. There is a dedicated button for each part of a vehicle that when clicked changes color from green to red and opens a new view to enter an accurate description and take photos of the damage. After acceptance, all data immediately goes to an SQL database which significantly decreases employees’ work time and speeds up the payout process. As a result of this implementation both customer and employee satisfaction get improved.

checklist app insurance claim app
power apps case study checklist app

Disinfection control app

A company specializing in the disinfection of public buildings turned to us with a request to build an app that would help them to track the cleaning schedule. They were looking for an application that would allow them to control remotely the work progress obtaining automatically generated cleanliness reports and track employees work time.

Our solution is based on Power Apps and Power Automate platforms. We created an app that lets operators fill in the disinfected area forms and mark work completion time. The start of work time is generated automatically during the log-in process. Collected information is sent to the SQL database and then through the Power Automate an e-mail is sent to a responsible person.

Our application significantly increases data flow speed which results in an improved quality of the services provided and higher employee satisfaction.

Point of sales evaluation app

Another client of ours, a chain store specializing in selling meat products, was interested in the systematization and digitization of points of sale evaluation.

We offered a solution based on the Power Apps platform. When the auditor logs in, the app automatically collects the date and time of the audit and the auditor can select a specific shop where the audit takes place. The application also lets users switch between a silent client and an official auditor mode. An official auditor can rate the exterior of the shop, interior, display, product arrangement, back rooms, whereas the silent client rates customer service.

After submitting the form data is sent to an SQL database which is connected to the Power BI report which allows managers for nearly instant access to the results.

power apps case study point of sales evaluation app antdata

Onboarding app

Our client, a tech company specializing in manufacturing computer components, needed a unified and user-friendly system for an onboarding program for their new employees.

The biggest advantage of using Power Apps over traditional apps is the possibility of using it on Android, iOS, and Windows devices without making any changes to the application. The idea behind this app was to help new employees to feel more informed and included. A new-starter can check the bio of their new colleagues – photo, name, e-mail address, position, and read a short description. There is also a list of initial tasks assigned to them and the schedule of meetings that they need to attend. All of that is to help them acclimate to the organization and better understand their new position and responsibilities. All data is stored in the cloud.

Check-in/Check-out app

A hotel chain company needed our help with a contactless check-in/out system.

We created an app that perfectly fulfilled this task. The customer data is stored in an SQL database and the communication with the hotel guests takes place via SMS or e-mail. The security of the stored data is guaranteed by Microsoft. Apart from a check-in and check-out functionality, we added a slideshow with all essential information regarding the stay and the nearby attractions.

The biggest challenge was how to deliver this app to the hotel guests – the hotel needed a device that they could place in the reception lobby. The BI Kiosk was a perfect fit for the task. BI Kiosk is a designed and manufactured by us stainless steel information stand with a big full HD touch screen. It is designed to work seamlessly with Power BI and/or Power Apps. If you want to know more about our BI Kiosk please visit Bi kiosk page.

Price collecting app

Another app that we created was for a client specializing in collecting prices from supermarkets. The application we created, allows the employees to scan the barcode of a product and manually add the product price. After confirmation data is immediately sent to an SQL database and managers can analyze the data in Power BI almost in real time. The application can be installed on any mobile device.

Implementing this solution remarkably increased the work pace, boosted productivity, and employee satisfaction.

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