Terms & Conditions

The following set of terms and conditions governs the general rules of cooperation with Antdata LLC Limited Partnership and is applied in the absence of a separate Cooperation Agreement between Antdata and third parties while ordering products / services via this website. The person who places the order using this website declares that he or she is the person authorized to do so or has been granted the authorization by the person authorized to perform this activity. Making an order is tantamount to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Any changes should be done in writing with signatures for both the Ordering Party and the Contractor.

Definitions and Interpretation

Contractor – Antdata LLC Limited Partnership with the office registered in Poznań, entry to the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register number 0000760633, NIP (VAT) number 7811985252 and REGON: 38192573100000, which registration files are kept in the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda VIII Economic Department of the National Court Register.

Ordering Party – any person or entity who visits websites belonging to Antdata in order to make a reservation and/or order product offered by Antdata and who places such an order.

Website – the website on which the User is currently reading this Terms and Conditions, including all subpages and parent websites belonging to Antdata.

Product – organizing and conducting training for employees or persons designated by the Ordering Party. Scope of the training may include Power BI Fundamentals and Power Bi Advanced.
Party or Parties – the Employer and the Contractor jointly

Obligations of the parties

The Contractor is obliged to:

  • developing of the training materials in Polish (or English, at the discretion of the Ordering Party)
  • appearing in the place, date and time agreed between the Parties
  • conducting the Training / Lecture in the scope mentioned above
  • providing the Training participants with the materials relevant to the Trainings (such as booklets) at the cost of the Contractor
  • providing the participants with certificates confirming the completion of the Training
  • providing the participants with the Laptop, pre-loaded with Microsoft Power Bi Desktop software, (only at the User’s prior request)

The Ordering Party is obliged to:

  • Personally appearing or ensuring the appearance of the individuals delegated by the Ordering Party to participate in the training at the agreed time and date
  • Paying the Contractor’s remuneration according to the rules presented to the Ordering Party in the ordering process. Lack of appearance (no-show) at the training of any of the persons delegated by the Ordering Party or resignation from the training does not release the Ordering Party from the obligation to pay the Contractor’s remuneration in full. Cooperating with the Contractor on efficient organization of the Training


Orders can be made by phone, via e-mail or by using the contact form embedded in the website. The order is considered to be valid when the ordering Party receives the appropriate Order confirmation from Antdata and then the payment becomes due and payable. The subject confirmation will be sent to the Ordering Party by e-mail.


The Ordering Party shall pay the Contractor for the delivered products or services the amount agreed between the Parties on the basis of correspondence, or directly resulting from the offer presented by the Contractor on the website. All fees will be subject to VAT at the current rate and the Ordering Party agrees to pay the full agreed fees. The spilt between the VAT and the rest of the fee will be always presented.

When an individual person acts as the Ordering Party, payment must be made at least 7 days before the date of training agreed by the Parties. The amount in question is always payable on a one-off basis based on the VAT invoice issued by the Contractor.

In the case of legal persons (companies), the payment terms by default is set to be 7 days from the date of the Training / Lecture, unless the parties agree otherwise. Payment should be made to the Contractor’s bank account indicated on the VAT invoice, properly delivered to the Ordering Party.
All payments should be made as bank transfers. Antdata does not accept the payments in cash.


In the event of the threat of cancellation of the Training, the Contractor shall inform the Ordering Party about of any obstacles in the organization or conduct of the Training once they appear. Assuming the factors are independent of the Contractor, the parties will attempt to set a new training date. In the event of force majeure, the Contractor has the right to withdraw from the order and return the fees to the Ordering Party, if they have already been made.

In the event of Contractor’s improper or poor performance and not fulfilling his obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions, the Ordering Party may claim damages on general terms.


The Contractor declares that he has the proprietary copyrights to the materials prepared for the purpose of organizing and conducting the Training and these rights are not limited by the rights of the third parties.

Copyright property rights to the materials developed for the Training remain the property of the Contractor. The training materials provided during the Training may under no circumstances be duplicated (in part or as a whole), used by third parties or disclosed to the third party and should serve only the person who attended the Training.

Corporate on-site Trainings

The special type of the offered product is corporate on-site training, i.e. organized for the needs of the individual company, for a closed group of people, limited to those indicated by the Ordering Party. Booking of such training requires confirmation. A number of details needs the be agreed between the parties, including but not limited to: date, location, number of people, scope of training, remuneration of the Contractor and any additional fees. It is recommended to sign a separate agreement for the organization of the Corporate on-site Training.

Final Provision

All disputes arising from the application of this Terms and Conditions should be carried out by the Polish courts competent for the Contractor’s registered office.

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