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Power BI Developers and Consultants – Body Leasing Characteristics

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Antdata is not a typical Software House. Our field of specialization is quite narrow – it is all about data processing with the use of Business Intelligence tools provided by Microsoft. Our developers, consultants and project managers have competent knowledge and possess qualifications in the following areas:

  • Power BI – different implementation strategies based on the size of the organization; DAX, M and SQL
  • PowerApps – custom applications for business and industry in mobile and desktop versions; Android, iOS, Windows
  • Power Automate and Data Flows – automation and robotization of business processes and reporting systems
  • Azure-based cloud data architecture – databases and data warehouses, SQL, Data Factory, Virtual Machines
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data analysis – Python, R
  • Getting data from different sources: SAP, Dynamics 365, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL and many more
  • All our developers have higher degree in either engineering or economics and work with international clients on daily basis

Power BI developers. Why should you consider it?

Employee leasing (body leasing, Developer hire) is a type of outsourcing but instead of contracting a company to deliver a clearly pre-defined outcome, you contract a company to deliver a Developer or a group of Developers who cooperate with your team on daily basis on any tasks within the scope of the contract that you assign them to do. They serve with their expertise and work as an extension of your manpower.

Every project is different and requires a different approach. When you want to outsource the execution of the entire IT project – either that would be creating a set of Power BI reports, designing BI Data Architecture, implementing process automation, or launching an app, you would simply contract Antdata to deliver a well-defined end-to-end solution and we would do all the work for you.

But the expectations towards outsourcing are not always so clear-cut. Let us describe some of the more nuanced scenarios whin which a more flexible approach like employee leasing is required.

When do you need an employee leasing?

  • When the project requires strict cooperation between the hiring organisation and the Developers, or the scope of the project is expected to be the subject of constant change. For example, when the company wishes to develop an entire network of Power BI reports or Power Apps applications and the users’ requirements towards those tools are being modified frequently, then a more agile and flexible work methodology is recommended. To cut the time spend on formalities and to speed up the communication and therefore the development process we recommend an employee leasing approach. Our Developer or Developers that present the skills necessary for the project are assigned to your team. The work assessment rules, schedules, and logistics issues are determined in the contract, and we take the responsibility for the quality of the work that our Developers provide.
  • When you already have a team within your organisation assigned to a project, but you realised that your team either lack expertise in a particular field or simply there are not enough resources to finish the project on time. In this case, we can assign one or more of our Developers to temporarily join your team to act as external consultants with their expertise and contribute to your project on-time delivery.

What are the advantages of employee leasing?

You go to know why you might need an employee leasing approach but are there any alternative solutions? – yes, either contracting an independent freelancer or hiring an employee on a temporary contract. Let us go through some of the reasons why an employee leasing with Antdata is a safer and more cost-effective option.

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If you need some help with your project asap – we are here. You don’t need to engage your employees in the time-consuming process of choosing the right candidate and training them – we made that selection for you.

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When it comes to outsourcing an individual professional, you would need to carry out thorough due diligence on their portfolio. We are a well-established software house, and we value our good name. We always deliver top-quality services to our customers and we are proud to have lead projects for the FTSE 100 companies.

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The only cost you bear is the amount specified on the invoice – no payroll costs of a new employee, pension contributions, equipment, and benefits, or onboarding and training costs. Additionally, Antdata having access to a cheaper IT workforce can offer competitive prices.

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Even when based on the contract you get one Developer assigned to your project, you gain access to the experience and expertise of the entire Antdata team. When having any doubts regarding a particular solution, the Developer, instead of searching for a solution themselves will most likely turn to their Antdata colleagues for help and get a much quicker and proven answer for your business.

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As the project evolves the scope of the project can change. You might need an expert in the field that you did not anticipate at the start of the project. Instead of going through the process of searching and investigating the reliable candidate again, it is a high chance that we have an expert in that field already in our team. In this case, the whole process of recruiting a new person would be reduced to just extending the scope of the contract already signed with us.

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Data security

Data security is at the core of our business. The network, the equipment, the cloud, the data storage systems – all are set to the highest standards of data privacy. Our employees are trained to operate accordingly to our data security policies.

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Law regulations

You skip the administrative complexity. We are not an HR agency. We are not freelancers. We are a Software House and we operate outside of the IR35 rules – our Developers are our employees, and they are our legal responsibility.

How can I gain a leased employee?

When you decide that this form of collaboration is right for you, the next step is to contact us and we will discuss what competence your project needs. If it is anything related to Business Intelligence, process automation, data architecture, and Microsoft products, we are sure we have an appropriate specialist on board.

What are the next steps?

step one to power BI

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

developing a perfect power bi

We sign a contract specifying the clear rules of collaboration, reporting, and assessment of the Developer’s work.

technical collaboration on power bi

To make the collaboration technically possible your IT department creates a company account for a leased employee and grants them access to all necessary resources. It is a standard procedure and its safeness is guaranteed by a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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