BI Kiosk

the solution at arm’s length

First Information Kiosk designed to work with Power BI and Power Apps

Beautiful and durable – stainless steel construction, minimalistic design

Seamless integration with data from the Company’s systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Extend the Kiosk to display technical and HSE documents, manuals, Gemba, and Dojo

In short about BI Kiosk

business intelligence kiosk antdata
  • Purchase the Kiosk as a separate device or as a full implementation, with Power BI reporting, Power Apps application development and deployment.
  • Replace the traditional info boards with tens of printed pieces of paper with interactive and always up-to-date reports and information.
  • Manage the Kiosk over the internet.
  • Intuitive and simple to use. Microsoft product security and authentication methods.
  • Azure cloud computing power, performance always under control and according to your needs.
  • The Kiosk can communicate both ways with the database. You can enter the data via the Power App and the touch screen on the Kiosk, the relevant data will be visible on the reports displayed on the Kiosk.
  • Digitalize your company – implement the Kiosk with complementary services – apps for the smartphones to gather additional data, integrate the Kiosk with remaining Power BI reports in your organization.
  • No need to implement any new CRM/ERP/TMS system. The Kiosk will work with whatever system and database you now use.
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in European Union.
  • Use existing Power BI reports and display them on the Kiosk, achieve self-service!

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More information – What is the BI Kiosk?

The ”BI Kiosk” is industrial spec multimedia device, equipped with state-of-the art. Full HD touch screen, fully integrated with Microsoft Power Platform Services, such us MS Power BI and Power Apps. Designed to serve multiple purposes and multiple industries. Whether it is manufacturing, logistics or trade, the opportunities are as unique as your business.

You can bring your reporting and analytics to an entirely new level. Not only you implement the visual management, but the solutions and answers are literally at your arm’s length. What is more, the BI Kiosk may play the role of the support & info center for quality check, process organization and HSE related tasks.

If you have not implemented the Business Intelligence solutions, learn how to do it here – Power BI Implementation article.

The Kiosk is not only the representation of cutting edge business solutions, but is also very well designed physical product. The large high-end quality touch screen is mounted on a very stable stainless steel frame. It is characterized by unique and minimalistic design, perfectly complementing both traditional and modern surroundings. It is sturdy, durable and very well put together.

How can the BI Kiosk make my business better?

The main purpose of the Kiosk, what differentiates it from other similar products on the market is it compatibility with the MS Power BI report. It was designed from the ground up with one particular goal in mind – make most of your Power BI reports in the best way possible. You may use it as well as a traditional presentation screen, thanks to its additional HDMI port. So once you don’t need the Power BI capabilities, you may display on the Kiosk whatever you need.

If Lean Management is the philosophy that drives your business, the BI Kiosk is a must have. The implemented Power BI reporting can be available across the organization easier than ever before. You may get to the root cause of the problem on time, every time and take action before it is too late.

Even if you dropped the printing of the KPIs after each shift and now you have messages being spread on the screens, it is probably static. Besides that, the charts need to be prepared manually. With the power BI Kiosk you can create reports fed and refreshed automatically with the company system data and you can make those reports dynamic and interactive, with drill down functions, filtering options and so much more, all that with state of the art security protocols.

Imagine what your business can be like, if you have constant, clear and always up to date information available to directly responsible individuals. Information, that may include:

  • Key performance indicators, computed automatically and dynamically
  • Conformity check info
  • Stoppage alerts
  • LTA instant reporting

What makes the BI Kiosk unique?

  • Its durable but sleek design makes it a perfect fit for both manufacturing and office applications.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface makes it intuitive to switch between the Kiosk embedded functionalities (Power BI reports, Power Apps applications & many more).
  • Stainless steel frame. It is durable and beautiful at the same time and will serve for many years to come. It was designed to secure excellent stability and safety.
  • Its modular design means that should you need to service the Kiosk central unit, you simply take it out and send it back to us, you will have it back in no time. If you need to move the Kiosk from one location to the other, disassembly and subsequent assembly are as easy as they can be.
  • It can work 24/7.
  • Our Kiosk supports Power Apps. Applications which you use in your company (or you want to create) can be accessed via the Kiosk. App-extended GEMBA can now become your reality! (check out more for PowerApps development here).
  • It is ergonomic, irrespective of the chosen variant.
  • It can be personalized – your logo can be painted, glued or even created using the waterjet cutter.
  • The Kiosk, its auxiliary software (apart from the Microsoft owned products) are 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the EU. We use only the highest quality components!

What are the device variants?

business intelligence kiosk antdata options

49 inches

Optimized for complicated and vast reports and dashboards, group meetings and presentations.

43 inches

The most popular version. Optimal screen size for both individual and group usage of the screen.

32 inches

Ideal for small office spaces, as well as auxiliary analytical and monitoring device for manufacturing lines.

Part of a larger whole

The Kiosk is much than just a device. More than anything, it is knowledge and call to action accessible easier and faster than ever before.

It is up to the customer and the final setup what should be displayed and analyzed on the Kiosk. While the traditional Info Kiosks may display pre-prepared static info, execute the simplest commands, the BI Kiosk capabilities are limitless. Its heart and mind are Microsoft Power Platform Services – Power BI and Power Apps to name just the two most important. All the computing is done by the Microsoft Cloud.

We can deliver not only the device, but also secure the full functional system implementation, what may include:

  • Azure Data Architecture
  • Power Apps Development
  • Power BI reports & dashbaords development and Row Level Security Deployment
  • Data integration between currently used ERP/CRM/WMS/TMS systems

We adjust and fine – tune your current data landscape to make the most out the BI Kiosk.

As we use the Microsoft Technology based products, you may achieve the self-service or switch Antdata to another supplier at any given moment.

Take a look at the sample chart below – our BI Kiosk can become a vital part of the company business intelligence set-up, unleasing opportunities as unique as your needs.

business intelligence kiosk antdata graph

FMCG manufacturing case study

We deployed the Kiosk at one of the world’s leading fast moving consumer goods company. It serves multiple purposes:

  • As an interactive dashboard (thanks to Power BI reports), implemented to replace printed charts. Should you need to analyze something in detail, you drill the charts down. Reports are fed by the data from multiple sources and its refresh is highly, if not completely, automated.
  • As a virtual library, where the technical documentation, drawings, manuals are available to authorized staff.
  • As HSE library with instant access to relevant information and documentation.
  • As data gathering device – with the embedded and dedicated Power App, the team members can report info and results for particular shift, the data is transferred to the database and then reflected in the Power BI reports (mentioned in the first bullet point). The same app (just optimized for different system and screen size) is available for users on the company smartphones.

What if I already have Power BI reports? Can I see them on the BI Kiosk?

If you already have implemented the Power BI reporting in your company and would like to display them on the Power BI Kiosk, the device can be freely configured to do just this.

Where to start?

The cost and effort for both the device and all the side services depend on how complicated and sophisticated the entire implementation should be. Each project is quoted and estimated separately and is proceeded by thorough analysis of the customer needs and feasibility study.

One of the major factor is whether you need just the device or if what you need is a full implementation, with the supply of Power BI and Power Apps development services. Should you need the device, we are talking days here for the delivery.

bi kiosk antdata

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