What can you expect from working with us?

We would like to give you a clearer view of how the entire communication and project execution process looks like with Antdata. You will find out what you can expect along the way when you decide to embark on a project journey with us. We want to share with you how we work and let you decide whether you are happy to entrust us with your project.

On the lookout for a good Software House

Initiating a new project is exciting – you have a clear goal set out and high hopes for improvements that will bring value to the company. You decide to outsource the execution of your project to a team of IT specialists and the quest for a suitable software house begins. Choosing the right software company to lead your IT project is presumably the most important decision you will make. The success of your venture depends on it.

There is an outbreak of Developers and Software Houses on the market with a comparable offer, so how do you make that decision and secure the success of your project? There are two crucial components, that you need to consider, that make up a good software house:

power BI knowledge sharing

Experience, knowledge, and competence in the specified field ensuring the delivery of the top-quality final solution.

power bi collaboration

Communication and project management skills ensuring stress-free collaboration and timely project execution.

The first point is quite easy to investigate. You can find out about our skills here, read about our successful projects and see examples of our work here, or familiarize yourself with our full offer here.

The other ingredient is less tangible. That is why we would like to walk you through our work methodology so that you can evaluate our approach yourself.

What happens after you contact us?

You came across our company, and you are reading this, so you are considering us which we are very happy about. We encourage you to reach out to us – send us an e-mail, give us a call, or fill in the contact form down below. But what will happen next after you do that?

  • We will get back to you and potentially offer an initial meeting via Zoom / Teams when we will have a chance to discuss your case in more detail – your requirements, your expectations, possible challenges. We will answer all the questions and doubts that you might have at this stage. You should not feel obliged – it is an initial meeting, first, we need to find out how can we help.
  • After the meeting, you will receive an e-mail with a summary of what was being discussed and the next actions. Very often an initial meeting opens up some questions that IT specialists on your company side need to address.
  • If a situation at this stage requires it, we will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement or we will be happy to sign the one that you provide, and we will continue investigating your case in more detail.
  • Once we have a comprehensive overview of the scope of the project, the complexity of the data, and the technical aspects (systems, software, data storage, licenses, etc.) we will send you a quote.
  • When you are happy with the offer, depending on the scale of the project, we can either proceed just based on the Purchase Order or we can sign a contract.
  • Your IT Administrators will need to grant our Developers access to the relevant resources, e.g. ERP systems, databases, SharePoint folders, etc. This is a standard procedure, and its safety is guaranteed by the strict Non-Disclosure Agreement.

How does the communication during the project look like?

Efficient communication is a key part of successful project delivery. In this aspect we demonstrate considerable flexibility – the frequency, the channels of communications – it is all to be agreed upon and depends on the project and your company’s preference. All details are being discussed before we start the work so that everyone knows their obligations.

power BI professionals

We assign contact persons on both sides. We want to keep it simple and try not to engage too many people for communication effectiveness.

training power bi

We establish the frequency of contact – we often require securing a minimum number of hours per week for project status meetings and we require certain responsiveness to our e-mails. This is to avoid any time gaps and keep the project moving at the right pace.

decision making with power bi

After each meeting we send a meeting recap e-mail with the list of key topics discussed, decisions made, and next actions planned. It confirms that we are all on the same page and it is an easy-to-follow reference if we need to revise the project evolution process.

power bi project

We run a Project Card that is being regularly updated and every major adjustment to the scope of the project is being included there. Thanks to that our client has direct access to the always up-to-date overview of the project.

What is our approach to projects?

Our approach to work with the clients is based on three pillars – Agility, Data Security, Clear Communication.

antdata power bi approach


The stakeholders do not always know up front what they need until they have it. We are well aware of that and bringing the solution that is suited to the needs of our clients is our top priority. That is why we are prepared for incremental improvements and changes along the way. To keep the solution relevant, we need to keep the project dynamic.


We need to know exactly what the stakeholders mean. One of the advantages that we have is that we are both the ‘technical guys’ and good communicators. There are no intermediaries which significantly shortens the line of communication and prevents misunderstandings. We always make sure that we recognise the business intent and practical need behind our client’s request and only then do we translate it into the technology world to examine how it can be achieved.

Data Security

It has never been more important than now. Our IT Administrators guard the security of our systems, equipment, network, and manage access permissions to the data. It is not only our internal data but the data of our clients at stake. Each member of our team is aware of the importance of data security and trained to obey strict confidentiality and data security rules. Signing a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement is our standard proceeding.

We are very proud of our ambitious and talented team. We combine experience with inquisitiveness and we are honestly passionate about innovation and automation of business processes.

If you think that we are a good match, reach out to us and we will schedule the initial meeting where we will discuss your idea for an improvement and advise on how it can be achieved.

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