Power BI Reporting – an Interactive Data Visualization.

Power BI is recommended for enterprises, where the first step of the Business Intelligence journey has to be taken as soon as possible. Regular Excel reports can be quickly transformed into dynamic BI dashboards.

Whatever the subject of actual reporting (manufacturing, logistics, marketing) is, it could be much more efficient when using automated and fast BI solutions. Imagine what you could achieve, when you have the ability to drill down your data and analyze it from whatever perspective you want!

A standard Power BI report development consists of the following phases:

  • Getting the raw data
  • Data verification and consistency check
  • Data cleansing
  • Combining data (data model development)
  • Data objects development (measures, calculated tables, parameters)
  • Charts and visual elements creation
  • Report publishing and sharing

When reporting is based on Excel files, most of the abovementioned processes are done manually. Some of them can be automated with VBA and macros, it is not an easy task though. With Power BI, the processes from the list will be much more efficient or even fully automated.

What is more, a static report in Excel or PowerPoint is replaced with one view, where you have the possibility to choose any perspective and slice and dice the data. All KPIs, measures, and target will be updated dynamically. One of the biggest advantages of this approach is the possibility to go “from the top view to details” with just a few clicks. This allows for quickly identifying, e.g. main cost contributors or potential savings when you use What-if analysis (one of Power BI functionalities).

power bi reporting antdata

Insights can be easily visualized. A wide selection of interactive charts and KPIs is available. Your data is shown not only as static column charts but also (for example) interactive flow map, decision tree, or scatter chart with correlations. Data analysis has never been simpler and faster!

You may analyze data with your PC or with a touch screen or TV located in a meeting room (e.g. production hall). You can access and analyze the BI report via the cloud.

Power BI report samples

Sales and Logisctics data combined in one Power BI Data Model:

Warehouse Optimization and Visual Management:

Time Series Forecasting for Sales with R:

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