Alcohol consumption and trends – Power BI report sample

Find below an interactive Power BI report on alcohol consumption – volume and trends by countries. What beverage is the most popular in different countries?

You can confirm there some well-known facts, (like Frech people loving wine, while Germans choosing beer). However, some facts may be surprising for you. Did you know that the most popular type of alcohol in Russia in 2018 was beer, not spirits (43% over 41%, measured as consumption of pure alcohol)? You can also check how this proportion changes in time (time-trend analysis of alcohol consumption per capita).

All of that you can easily check by slicing and dicing the Power BI report below.


The report consist of 4 pages:

  • On the first page, you can check the popularity of different types of alcohol in time as well as the trend for alcohol consumption “per capita”. All the data is available in any geographical context (you can choose a particular country using a map or a country slicer).
    You navigate by clicking the report (you can click values on the chart, bars, or years on the axis, almost everything is interactive).
  • On the second page, you can see the total amount of pure alcohol consumed, split per type of beverage (spirits, beer, wine, other).
    You can also find there an interesting animation on alcohol consumption per capita (changes in time). To play it, just click the “play” button in the bottom left corner.
  • On the third page, you can find a tool for country comparison. Just choose the parameters on the left (year and two countries you would like to compare).
  • The last, fourth page contains a chart with a forecast on alcohol consumption. The chart is build based on standardized time-series estimation.

To analyse the report in the full-screen, please click the button in the bottom-right corner.

Source of raw data: WHO; 1961-2018.

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